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All-Inclusive Winter Holiday Craft Inspiration

Winter Holidays and traditions are celebrated around the world. Religious or not,

all are cherished as a time for community and family congregation, gratitude and resilience, and the coming and passing of Winter.

We've listed over a dozen holidays and different crafts that can be customized to suit

any celebration! Let's learn some light history and fun ways to honor these traditions...

There are several holidays celebrated in addition to Christmas in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain. Las Posadas is a tradition throughout Latin America, Flores de Noche Buena is held in Mexico, Dia de los Reyes ranges from Spain through all Latin America, and Junkanoo is a festival held in the Bahamas.


Elaborate masks and figurines are made with paper mache, paper clay, glitter, and gemstones.

Las Posadas, Flores de Noche Buena, Dia de los Reyes

These holidays are a combination of Christmas and Native traditions. The Poinsettia is a native Central American Flower and has been a powerful religious symbol since Aztec times.

  1. Felt Poinsettias can be made into pins, ornaments, or decorations. Shop Felt

  2. Paper Garland Poinsettia

  3. Poinsettia Paper Wreath

Kwanzaa is a Swahili word for “matunda ya kwanza” or first fruits, referring to the agricultural harvest festivals that are found throughout Africa. Lasting from December 26 through January 1, it is a week-long celebration of African roots, observed by people of all faith backgrounds, since it's not tied to any religion. Instead, the African American and Pan African holiday is anchored by seven principles known as the Nguzo Saba which aims to inspire Black people to be united, self-determined, accountable for their communities, financially invested in Black-owned businesses, purposeful with their lives,

creative and full of faith. Learn More

Embroider your own designs onto any fabric, make minimalist prints with paper, paint, or even felt, or tie fabric strips onto a wreath base to make a colorful wreath!

Sew wool felt balls for a festive garland, Make a paper-quilled Kinara, or a glitter banner with

letter cut-outs.


The Winter Solstice is one of the most ancient and universal holidays. Several cultures celebrate their own versions including: Yalda Night (Iran), Yule (European/Neo-pagan), Soyal (Hopi & Zuni Tribes), and more.


1. Yule Altar Offering Bottle made with mini bottles, gemstones, and sealing wax

2. Scandinavian Yarn-wrapped Yule Goat, Yarn & Cardboard

3. Wish-Fulfilling Yule Pinecone

More Solstice...

  1. Solstice Fabric Printing : Use printmaking supplies to make your own fabric stamps.

  2. Wood Bead & Fruit Ornaments: Wood Beads, Twine, Dried Fruit

  3. Wood-Burned Winter Motif Decorations: Wood slices, Sharpie, White Paint Pen, Watercolor, Twine

Wiccan Solstice Wreaths: Use Fairy Garden Supplies and Crystals

Soyal Solstice Kachinas

Kachina figurines can be made from paper mache, paper clay, or polymer clay!

The Soyal Solstice Ceremony 'Soyalangwul' is also called the Great Feast of the Winter Solstice and is celebrated by the Southwest Pueblo, Zuni and Hopi tribes of Native Americans.

The purpose of the Soyal ceremony and ritual is to bring the sun back from its long winter slumber. Celebrated over a period of 16 days, festivities start with prayers and supplications and ends with a feast and Kachina Dance.

You can also make your own illustrated or painted Kachina Designs using our Illustration and Painting supplies.


Christmas is celebrated in many different ways across the world! In The United States, 91 percent of all people celebrate Christmas, including 81 percent of non-Christians in the U.S. There are many European countries that have alternate versions and traditions for Christmas including Ziemassvētki (Latvia), St. Lucia Day (Sweden/Denmark/Finland), La Befana (Italy), Mari Lwyd (Wales), Boxing Day (UK). In New Zealand and Australia Kirihimete is celebrated by the Maori Culture and

uses a Kiwi Tree instead of a Pine tree!

1. Snow Village Wreath : Made with cardstock, balsa wood, and wood beads.

2. Paper Succulent Tree

3. Plant-carved Ornaments: Paperclay, Twine, Wood Beads

Sources: cricut , coxandcox

Minimalist Felt Garland: Shop Felt, Twine

Macrame Pine Trees : Macrame Cord, Wood Beads

Embroidered Felt Ornaments: Felt, Floss


  1. Star of David Paper Cut Garland: Paper & Twine

  2. Star of David Minimalist Hoops: Embroidery Hoop, Floss

  3. Quilled Menorah Card: Shop Paper Quilling Supplies


Check out our crafting supplies, decor, and other Winter & Holiday goodies!

That's a wrap!

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