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Craft the Rainbow!

Rainbow crafts? Sounds gay... I'm in!

It's Pride month! Lets celebrate with some macramé rainbow crafts!

These rainbow wraps are all the rage on Pinterest right now, so I thought I'd give it a try with supplies from collage.

Here's what you'll need:

Embroidery floss. I used Sublime Stitching Embroidery Floss in Rainbow and Prism Craft Thread in Rockstar for a multitude of rainbow goodness. Hemp cord would also work beautifully!

Something to give your rainbow a purpose like: key rings, pin backs, earring wires, picture hangers or magnets

Acrylic paint (if you want to paint your beads)

Here's how to do it:

Determine the approximate size and shape of your rainbow. I eyeballed this by shaping my uncut cord into a rainbow and cutting those lengths. Make sure you consider the size of cloud fringe you want on the ends and tape off that length of cord on both ends. This provides you with a starting and stopping point to your wrapping and prevents the cord from fraying.

Wrap each strand of cord with wire. Have the ends of your wire bent facing inward toward the middle of your strand so they don't poke out. You can also put a little tape over the ends of the wire if you're having problems with them.

And now you wrap... Grab your first color of floss and tie it to your cord at the edge of the tape. Wrap it around to cover the knot and the tail of the knot with your floss and continue until you get to the other taped off end. For extra coverage, you can wrap using two strands at once and/or add another layer of wrap.

When you’re done wrapping, tie another knot and cut leaving at least a long tail. Thread that tail through the embroidery needle and run the needle through the wrap for at least ½ an inch. Cut the tail as close to the wrap as possible.

Continue like this until all your cords are covered.

Remove your tape, shape your cords into arcs and nestle them together to form your rainbow.

If you used regular masking tape it may be a little difficult to remove. If so, just use an X-Acto blade to loosen it up. Slice through the tape vertically so you don't ruin your fringe.

Washi tape is much easier to remove and prettier to look at!

As you can see, the rainbow edges don't always turn out straight... this made me a little crazy at first, but then I realized that nothing has to be straight for Pride! If you really want your rainbow edges to be even steven, here's a tip:

I found that as I wrapped the cords, the tightness of the wrap would stretch out the cord in places making the finished wrap longer than I wanted. To fix this I just measured it up against the previous cord before tying the finishing knot. If they didn't line up, I would unwrap or wrap as needed.

If you plan on sewing them together (recommended for keychain, earrings or anything you will see both sides of the finished piece) use pins to secure the ends and the middle together and use a needle and thread to sew through all your wrapped strands. It may help to have a thimble and some pliers to help you push and pull your needle through the cords. Sew carefully, keeping your stitches as close together as possible so that they don’t show. You can wiggle your wrap around a bit when you're done to help hide your stitches.

If you're sewing through more than three 5mm cords you will not be able to stitch through all of them at once with a regular sewing needle. I recommend using a large curved quilters needle so that it easily comes up on its own between the cords and you can sew 2 or three together at a time.

This little Trans Pride rainbow was made without wire. The shape was held together with careful stitching.

If you want to skip the sewing and glue your rainbow together, you can either very carefully use hot glue or other strong adhesive to glue each arc together or use a felt backing. The felt backing works great when making pins, magnets or a wall hanging.

Here's how to do it:

Pin your rainbow together securely with straight pins.

Cut a piece of felt the approximate size of your rainbow.

Carefully dab glue on to your rainbow. Just use a little bit, so that it doesn’t squish through.

Apply the felt to your rainbow and let dry.

Trim off excess felt.

Glue your pin back, magnet or hanging hardware to the felt backing.

Once you've got everything sewn or glued together its time to unravel your cloud fringe. Just untwist the cord a bit to get started and then you can use a comb or a pet brush to really fluff it out.

To attach a keychain:

Tie a long strand of floss or cord to the key ring using a larks head knot.

Thread the ends of your floss or cord through the large embroidery needle and add your beads.

Sew down through the top arc in your rainbow and then back up and through your beads.

Tie a knot to secure it.

That's a wrap!

Not feeling too crafty? Show your pride with a donation to Q-Center via our Community Support Program.

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