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DIY: Apothe-scary Halloween Display

Hey Everybody, guess what? It’s spooky season again! There’s a crispness in the air, trees are changing to golds, reds and browns signaling it is time to get cozy under the blankets and watch scary movies!

I was inspired this year by SCIENCE! We have lots of cool science themed stuff at collage that encourages exploration and discovery. From making non newtonian fluid to growing your own crystals, we have a ton of projects that support critical thinking and creativity!

For our Halloween window the theme is APOTHE-SCARY!

Make mysterious bottles filled with chemicals that could kill or cure, who knows?

Here’s how it’s done: Find some empty bottles in the recycling bin, grab your hot glue and some paint.

First, clean bottles really well. The paint won’t stick very well if it has grease or goo on it. Then, figure out a design for your label. I was inspired by alchemy symbols and old glass bottles.

Use the hot glue to trace over your letters, giving it a raised look. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

When glue dries, paint bottle with acrylic paints. I used Liquitex basics. If you start with light colors, and build up to darker, you can gently wipe away some of the dark layer to make letters stand out more.

Add drips and glitter for more icky effect. Get creative with cardboard and hot glue to create some cool caps for your bottles.

For added drama, makes some lightening bolts out of cardboard, use mod podge to glue aluminum foil and hang in the window!

Fill jars with toy snakes and brains to make your own specimen jars. I used a tiny bit of acrylic paint to tint the water, use whatever you have on hand that won’t stain stuff.

For more Halloween ideas, stop into one of our three locations! You can also shop Halloween and Fall supplies online.


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