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Easter Craft Extravaganza!


Hi Friends! Ready for some Easter Crafting? In this blog post we will share three simple Easter Crafts:

Project 1: Egg dying with Natural Egg Dye

Project 2: DIY Paper Stands (for showing off your eggs!)

Project 3: DIY Cute Felt hanging gift/treat pockets

Project 1: Egg Dying with Natural Egg Dye Supplies You'll Need:

These Natural Egg Dyes work wonderfully, and they smell like food! Except for the green one. The green one smells like dirt 😂. They are SO easy to prep! All you need is hot water. Let’s get started!

Step 1: After preparing and cooling your boiled eggs using your preferred process you are ready to prep your Natural Egg Dyes. Add 1/2 cup hot water to four heat-safe containers. Pour one of the powdered dye into each container and stir until dissolved.

Step 2: Carefully lower an egg into the desired color and let it 5-15 minutes. There are instructions included for color mixing. They also suggest a brief dip in the orange to achieve a nice yellow which worked great! We used white and brown eggs so we could show you the results and they all dyed beautifully! After dying all the eggs we tried marbling some by adding a few splashes of olive oil to each dye. The lighter-colored eggs worked best for this experiment as you can see below.

Top row of four were brown eggs. Middle-ish four marbeled using olive oil. Bottom-ish 6 are dyed white eggs.

Step 3: Let your eggs dry on a paper towel and if you are up for it, go into Craft 2! But before we go I have to share another baby chick pic! They’re so cute and tiny!

Project 2: DIY Paper Stands

Supplies You’ll Need:

Step 1: Cut 6 inch strips of the Decorative paper of your choice. The width can be anywhere from half an inch to 2 inches. Decorative paper that comes in striped designs is especially easy to use.

Step 2: Making sure your eggs are dry and use them to measure the size your paper ring should be. Then glue it together and hold it closed with a clothespin until it dries.

As you can see in the picture we also cut some images from decorative paper and left a small flap at the bottom. You can glue these to your ring to create a little decorative interest. You can also add googley eyes for some extra fun!

Project 3: DIY Cute Felt hanging gift/treat pockets

Supplies You’ll Need:

Step 1: Use the pdf pattern to cut out the shapes in your preferred colors. We used one felt sheet each of orange, light green, dark green, and light pink for the carrot.

Step 2: Glue the face on the pocket piece of the carrot, and the ends of the carrot stem pieces that will tuck into the top of the carrot and let dry.

Step 3: Stitch two strips together with a running stitch to make a hanging loop for the carrot, as you can see below we used green embroidery floss and an embroidery needle for this. Next stack the two full carrot shapes and put the pocket carrot shape with the face you glued to it on top.

Step 4: Stitch around your stacked carrot shapes making sure you go through both or all three layers depending on what spot you are stitching. Before you stitch the top together be sure to tuck in your stem pieces with the stitched piece forming a loop behind it. As you can see below I started at the bottom using orange thread. I used a blanket stitch but you can use any stitch you are comfortable with. Leave space before you close it up for a little stuffing. I used the scraps from my orange felt that were leftover and cut them up small, but you can use any type of stuffing. Don’t fill it too full or it will be difficult to put things in the pocket but a little stuffing helps it keep its shape. When it’s stuffed sew up the last bit and you’re done!

The egg shape is pretty much the same process with a few exceptions. We glued the heart and stripe down to the pocket egg piece first. Then we stitched it down being sure to tuck in the stitched loop in the top. When you get to the area with the stripe be Ute to sew through all four layers. This might take a little extra needle wiggling but it is not too bad.

Here you can see the egg pinned together and getting stuffed before it was sewn up.

Done! Here they are finished up in the wild with some goodies stuffed in their pockets!

Thanks for visiting our blog and we hope you have fun crafting!


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