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Get organized!

When it comes to keeping track of all your thoughts, projects and activities, nothing beats good old-fashioned pen and paper. List makers, note takers, journal keepers, and planners rejoice! Collage has got a little something for everyone...

If you’re like me, you’ve got notebooks full of plans and lists, post it notes stuck to your computer and office wall, half-filled journals, and random little notes in your phone or iPad note taking app, but if you really want to get all that nonsense organized and get a handle on your life, give bullet journaling a try.

The Bullet Journal Method was invented by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer and author who was diagnosed with learning disabilities early in his life. He developed his unique methodology to become more focused and productive. He even wrote a book about it to share with the world. Bullet journaling has become insanely popular, inspiring people to not only get organized, but to be mindful, productive and creative.

The basic mechanics of the system are simple to learn, and once you have that down, you can easily modify it to fit your specific needs.

People use bullet journals to create detailed systems to keep track of just about anything – from work projects to personal habits to moods and feelings. Taking the time to create different layouts and write down tasks and goals helps people reflect on how they spend their time and focus on what is most important. You can keep it simple, or make it super fancy, its all up to you!

Now lets talk supplies!

First you'll need a bullet journal. The obvious favorite of bullet journal enthusiasts everywhere is the Leuchtturm Dotted. It comes in many different colors, has 251 non-bleeding numbered pages, 8 perforated and detachable sheets, a gusseted pocket, a table of contents, an elastic enclosure band, a page marker, and a sticker for labeling. You can also get a matching pen loop to keep your favorite pen close at hand.

Speaking of favorite pens, we have tons of them at collage! Here are some favorites from the bullet journaling crowd:

Other essential supplies:

You can get stuck in the instagram bullet journal rabbit hole for days! Just search #bujo. You'll probably come come away inspired, but also a little intimidated by all the amazing and talented people out there making beautiful journals. The thing to remember is, this is something you're doing for yourself. You don't have to show it to anyone and no one else has to like it.

I gave it a try just for this blog. It was fun, and I'm sure I could get waaay more into it given time, but for now I think I'll stick with my endless lists and sticky notes... or maybe I'll try the less time intensive option of a pre- made undated planner.

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