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Happy Halloween!

Get into the spirit of the season with these fun crafts.

paper spider web wreath
DIY Rainbow Paper Web Wreath

Play with paper!

Grab some cardstock, decorative paper, and scissors and craft a lighted cat garland, a spider garland and some spooky, spinning ghosts!

Candy Corn!

Recreate the sweet waxy goodness of candy corn with these crafts:

Candy Corn Earrings: White, orange, and yellow Sculpey, Post Earrings, E6000 glue, Tutorial

Felt Candy Corn Garland: Wool or Acrylic felt sheets, Tutorial

Get crafty with the kiddos!

Paint some little wooden monsters!

Stay safe!

Make a mask for the top half of your face too!

Get crafty with some wool or acrylic felt, cardstock, half masks, elastic, scissors, glue, and a little imagination.

Get Googly!

Decorate yourself, a mask, or a pumpkin with googly eyes! Use removable glue dots to stick them to your glasses or your face and a good all-purpose glue to stick them to your clothes, a mask, or a pumpkin.

Giant Googly Eyes!!!

We also have giant googly eyes to decorate your door and your yard (or anything, really)! They come in regular, glow in the dark, and extra spooky.

Paint your face!

Pick up some Ruby Red face paint at any of our locations or online. 

Ruby Red Face Paints are made in the USA, FDA approved, and are fully compliant with cosmetic standards for the USA, Canada, EU & Mexico. Ingredients used by Ruby Red are free of lanolin, or any animal-related product, making them a true vegan brand. Ruby Red Face Paints are free of paraben, fragrance, latex, nuts, and gluten. They are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. Ruby Red Face Paints are kid-safe and specially designed for safe use on delicate skin.

Ruby Red Face Paints are sold in cake form and are water-activated. There is a clear film over the cake, so be sure to remove that before using. Add a few drops of water to the cake with a sponge or brush. With a little mixing, you’ll get a nice, creamy rich color. Use a sponge applicator to get great paint coverage on the face and then layer by patting with the sponge to get a nice opaque base built up. Wait for your first layer to dry before adding shading, smooth lines, and details using good artists’ brushes and sponges. The paint will dry to the touch in under a minute and can be worn all day.

Check out our full selection of face and body paint here.

Be sure to enter your Halloween projects in our Instagram contest before the witching hour on Halloween to be eligible for this month's $50 gift card!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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