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Macrame your holiday be Merry and Bright!

The inspiration for our collage winter window was our new 5 Ply Natural Cotton Cording by Touch of Nature. Made from natural virgin cotton, it’s soft, pliable and perfect for untwisting and combing.

We up-cycled some wood stars from last year and attached long strands of untwined cord with a lark’s head knot. Keep it simple! So easy the whole family can help. You could also use these Metal Star Macrame Rings.

The ombre was achieved using our Procion MX Dye in Midnight Blue. This was my first time using powdered cold-water dye. I admit that I didn’t follow directions and just eye-balled it. Fill a bucket 1/3-1/2 full of cool to warm water and add 2-4 tablespoons of dye, depending on the vibrancy of color you want. Wet the bundles of cord in cold water, dip into bucket about half way. I found the best way to get the ombre effect was to dip the cord, leave it for a bit and then wring out excess dye. Dip again, leaving 4 or 5 inches from the original dip line, let set and wring out excess dye. Repeat this process until you achieve a nice fade from dark to light by leaving the last step to soak for much longer.

You will need gloves and some protective equipment to keep dye from getting everywhere. It’s a bit messy but cleans up with a little bleach water.

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