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Paper Flowers for Pride!

It's Pride month and we love to celebrate with crafts! These projects are easy to do in an afternoon.

You can make a colorful paper flowers for a floral crown or use as a wreath.

Follow these simple instructions to learn how.

Step 1. Open pack of tissue, separate one sheet of tissue. Cut in half.

Step 2. Fold into quarters

Step 3. Cut folded sides. Leave top fold.

Step 4. Fan fold about 1 inch.

Step 5. Round the ends...

or try cutting in to a point or fringe for different flower styles.

Step 6. Secure center with 4-5" piece of wire. Fold over tissue and twist together as shown.

Step 7. Carefully spread fan fold out and separate layers of tissue.

Now you have a finished flower. Repeat for all colors until you have two of each color.

Measure head if making a crown and create a hoop with wire. Double up for more support. Use loop to connect ends. Twist together and secure. Plan out arrangement to see how flowers will fit on hoop.

Twist individual flower stems onto hoop, until flowers are attached all the way around.

Voila! A beautiful crown of paper flowers. A perfect way to show your PRIDE!

These paper Daliahs in rainbow colors are sure to brighten up your celebration.

You will need: Cardstock Variety Pack, Mini Glue Dots, Scissors, cutting mat, craft knife and ruler or paper trimmer. and a scrap piece of stiff cardboard cut into

Step 1. Cut cardstock down into 4.25 x 4.25 squares in rainbow colors. For best results use a paper trimmer or cutting mat and ruler for nice clean edges.

Use glue dot on one corner of cardstock square. Roll paper into cone shape and attach firmly with glue dot. Make approximately 20 red, 15 orange, 11 yellow, 8 green, 5 blue, 3 purple.

Draw a 1 inch guide around cardboard base. Attach red cones using glue dots on the tips, opposite of the overlapped side. For a stronger bond, use hot glue. Repeat until first layer of red cones are attached.

Repeat the pattern with the rest of the cones, using glue dots to secure.

Stop by or shop online for more ideas on how to celebrate Pride Month!


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