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Succulent Summer!

We're highlighting various crafts & products involving these gorgeous plants.

Succulents are made for summer. These low maintenance plants can tolerate high heat, low water, and if put indoors can also manage lower light and light watering.

They are also visually captivating plants that can be incorporated into several

summer art & crafts projects!

Use our custom succulent poster design as a reference template

for your own watercolor succulent painting!

We have the file FREE to download below

(personal use only).

Download here:

Download PDF • 7.04MB

Whether you're a seasoned watercolor painter or a total newbie, collage carries everything from watercolor brush pens, watercolor colored pencils for those who prefer to illustrate first then apply a brush, watercolor paint tubes, paint cakes, and liquid concentrates!

Need a surface to paint on?

We carry a selection of various-sized

Photo & Project by @aimee_littledear

Wool Felt Bouquets & Plushies

Wool felt sheets are softer, more pliable, higher quality felt than acrylic sheets, and are perfect for making more realistic or pop-color succulents!

Here are some awesome projects made with a combination of cutting, hot gluing, and sometimes a little embroidery floss stitching here and there.


Supplies Needed:

-Cardstock (Tracing patterns to cut)

-Tiny Pots (Optional)


Handy tip!

Use chalk pastels, paint pens, or Copic Markers on the edges of the felt leaves to add neat color striations.

These guys were laid flat in a small wood frame for a planter box look.

Needle Felted Succulents

These adorable needle-felted succulents & cacti use

needle felted wool roving, embroidery floss for accents, and wool flowers.

Supplies Needed:

-Felt Sheet (flowers)

Macrame Gold Ring Hanging Planters

We are super inspired by these modern-minimalist hanging planters.

With only a few rings and macrame cord you can make tons of design variations.


-Succulents, Air Plants,

or others!


Mini Macrame Hanger

Use some hemp twine and a mini pot for an

adorable mini hanging planter.

Made by @damasklove

Cut cardstock into inside layers of a succulent and paint some colorful dimension on each layer! Let dry and hot glue pieces together.

Supplies Used:

Origami Succulents

Use origami paper folding techniques to create your own succulents!

Quilled Succulents

This video shows how to use quilling paper to make your own succulent garden!

Sticker & Chill Succulents & Crystal Activity Book

Sticker & Chill books help to relax, unwind and decompress.

Choose one of the ten 8.5" x 9" scenes and add as many (or as few) stickers from the matching 800+ sticker sheet. Cling stickers are repositionable. Display finished scenes as decor. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Check out our other succulent & cacti products including washi,

stickers, planners, posters, bags & more.

That's a wrap!

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