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Valentines Day Round Up!

Love in dangerous times...

The history of Valentines Day is a bit muddled. Some believe that it has its origins in the ancient, bloody and brutal Roman festival of Lupercalia that was held each year on February 15th, but the name itself comes from the legend of St. Valentine. While there were several saints by that name, one story seems to fit the theme better than others. A third century priest named Valentine was martyred by beheading on February 14th for the crime of secretly performing marriage rites at a time when the Emperor Claudius had outlawed marriage for the purpose of growing his army with single men. It is said that before St. Valentine's demise, he fell in love with his jailer's daughter and sent her a letter signed "Your Valentine", spawning the popular saying "Will you be my Valentine" that we now associate with the holiday of love. Nothing says romance better than beheadings and ritual sacrifices!

Today, romance can be difficult after months of pandemic living. Whether you're all cooped up together or forced to express your devotion via zoom, a simple, heart-felt Valentine's Day gift will make your special someone feel loved.

Greeting Cards

People have been sending Valentine's greetings for centuries. It started with love letters and handmade cards, but we can thank Esther A. Howland, a Massachusetts based printer and artist in the 1840's for making the first elaborately designed Valentines Day cards to be sold commercially.

You can make your own stunning Esther-esque Valentines with some Victorian Valentine clip-art and a few supplies from collage:

Seal up your fancy Valentine greeting with a wax seal! Here's how!

If you're not so into the fussy Victorian look, but love some good retro images, we've got these Vintage Valentines stocked at all our stores and available online.

Get a bit more modern with these lyrically inspired cards; because nothing says "I love you" like an earworm...

Need a great Valentine DIY to do with the kids? Check out these adorable kits!

Or you can get extra crafty and make up a few of your own punny Valentines with a bonus gift!



We've got some lovely gifts that are perfect for Valentines Day!

Anatomical Love

Because sometimes we like "I heart you" to be anatomically correct!

Hearty Stickers and Washi

We love these Valentine supplies!


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