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3D Paper Arts Project Ideas and cool new products to check out!

Whether you are wanting to try something new or try out a classic 3D paper craft you will find lots of inspiration at collage! There are SO many possibilities when you are working with paper. In this blog post we will explore several 3D paper projects Ideas we have tried out and we will share a free pdf pattern you can print and use for your paper flower-making adventures. Please Enjoy!


-3D Paper Kits

-3D Card stock Paper Flowers

- Origami!

Project 1: 3D Paper Kits

This DIY Honey Bee Kit is super cute and very easy to put together. The paper board is nice and thick and the pieces are very easy to punch out with fingers. There are a variety of kits on our website like this one. Some you can color and others you just need to put together.

First, we colored it with Copic Markers (which blend beautifully and we are always looking for an excuse to play with them). You can use anything you like to color in with. As you can see in the photo to the right there is a diagram inside the package that shows you how to put the pieces together once you have punched them out.

Here it is all put together! It also comes with a piece you can use to hang it on the wall or it stands up horizontally on its little bug feet nicely.

Project 3: 3D Card

stock Paper Flowers

Supplies You’ll Need:

We will start with the dark and light pink pom pom flowers pictured above.

First, print out our PDF pattern and gather your supplies. Cut out your desired pattern and trace around it with a pencil on your colored card stock of choice. Then carefully cut out your pieces. Poke a hole in the center of each piece as indicated on the pattern. It is easiest to use an awl if you have one.

Next Use something small and cylindrical like a small glue stick to roll and press the edges to curl them. Stab your brad through the hole in each layer smallest to largest and secure at the back.

Lastly, use your fingers to fluff up your petals and use a dab of hot glue to secure a pom pom in the center. Ta-Dah!

Now for the second version in our pattern. Cut the pieces you need in your desired paper colors. We are making the flower pictured here in the upper right and the lower left. The flower in the upper right requires 5 each of the small, medium, and large petals, the centerpiece, and the pentagon piece.

The flower on the lower left uses the pentagon piece, 5 each of the large and medium petals and in the picture, we shortened the centerpiece just to get a different effect. You can of course do any of these combinations you like.

Once your petals are cut out (be sure to cut a slit at the bottom center where indicated in the pattern), use a glue stick or something of a similar shape to roll and press your petals and give them some shape. Don't bother doing this in the bottom section where the slit is but you can do the top and the upper side edges and it will get your paper looking a lot more like delicate flower petals.

For the center of the flower, the long strip needs to be folded in half length-wise. Next, you can use regular scissors, or if you have them, fringe scissors will make quick work of it (and they are so fun to use!). Cut about 3/4 of the way through on the folded side (as pictured to the left) all along the length of your centerpiece.

Next, put a dab of glue on one side of the slit at the base of one of your petals and take the other side of the slitted paper and place it over the glue dab and press it down giving the paper a nice curved petal shape.

Repeat until all of your petals are ready. Pictured on the left are all the pieces you need, cut, rolled, glued, and ready to go.

Now it's time to start assembling the flower! Put a dab of hot glue along one side of the pentagon and press one large petal into it as indicated in the picture to the right.

When you finish gluing the five large petals it should look something like this.

Now glue on the medium-sized petals. Offset them between the large petals as indicated in the picture to the right.

Do the same with the small five petals inside the medium-sized petals once they are all glued in.

Now let's prepare your centerpiece by shaping the paper a bit. We used our glue stick to round out our fold a bit to give the center more volume and fluffability. Yeah, that probably isn't a real word but it should be!!

Next, roll it and glue it down as needed to create your center. Put a glob of hot glue in the middle of your flower and press it fringe side up into your flower.

Now you can use your fingers to fluff up your center, and your flower is done! So pretty!

Also, check out our new

if you are looking to send a little sunshine to a friend. Each card comes with an envelope and only requires 3 postage stamps.

Project 3: Origami!

Supplies you'll need:

The paper we used in this post includes an instruction sheet for several different origami projects. If you are not familiar with origami already be sure to review the Origami symbols key in the instructions. It is very helpful.

Each project has both illustrations and written instructions. Together they will take you through each step to complete your project.

If you find you are having trouble with a step try looking up your project on youtube. There are SO MANY YouTubers making step-by-step Origami videos and they are super helpful for those of us who learn better by seeing.

Also if you are looking for a simpler Origami project for little hands, we have a lot of great kits!


are all great options!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on 3D Paper Crafts! Check out our shop online or if you live in Portland, stop by in person when you are ready to get some supplies and get your craft on!


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