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Screen-Free Summer!

Summer is here! Get the kids outside and off their screens with these fun outdoor activities!

Nature's Explorer Kit comes in a cute lunchbox, includes crank style flashlight, a multi-tool with whistle, compass, signal mirror and small flashlight, a portable fan, binoculars and a magnifying glass. Everything your kid needs to explore the great outdoors.

The Paint and Plant Sunflower Growing Kit is perfect for the aspiring botanist. Includes planter with liner, paint, brushes, palette, digging tool, plant identifiers, watering bottle, growing media and seeds. Kids learn about the life cycles of plants, it's fun and educational!

The Scavenger Hunt Potions Kit is a great way to get outside and explore nature. Comes with collection bottles, carrying tray, tweezers , magnifying glass and "magic stars". Includes instruction booklet with recipes for potions that are sure to keep kids busy!

The Solar Print Kit comes with everything needed to make solar prints. Includes three blank note cards with envelopes, two preprinted stencil sheets, two frames, twelve 5in x 7in sheets of solar print paper and instructions. Use the stencil sheets or found objects to create super cool sun photos, then turn them into beautiful greeting cards.

Find all these amazing kits to and more screen-busting activities online and in our stores!

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